My name is Carly. I am a self proclaimed lunatic. Kt doesn’t think I’ll ever get married. Bailey and Savannah say I’m pretty. Some days I believe them. Today I’m lying on my back, sweatshirt sleeves pushed up around my elbows, with my head over the edge of the bed. Running my fingers through my greasy hair. I wish I was skinnier, that I could braid my hair in pigtails or be better at checkers... Something like that. My favorite button on the keyboard is the tab button. It’s the first button you press when you start something. It precedes every new paragraph, introduces each new idea. It’s progress. My biggest fear is forgetting. My short term goal in life is to live in the Victorinox edition Airstream trailer on some giant piece of farmland in the vicinity of Missoula, Montana with a mountain in my backyard. Long term? Olympics 2024 baby. I'm going to make the American team for Dressage. Mark. My Words.